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In behalf..

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In behalf..

Post by maalindahag on Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:34 pm

gud pm po sir! In behalf of my friend just released a week ago...his released paper will end untill september 14...and his 4 years here in korea will be on ugust 19, 2010. He wants to work in our company but when tried to get a referral at the labor , it so happened that the name of our company is not included , as our advised to him don't mention the name of our co. instead only the place or province so he did..I asked a while ago to our sajang about it. She told me that , maybe it was deleted because the vacancy was already filled..kasi po may pumasok na pong 2 koreans last monday..according to them they can hire foreigner again after 3 months so by september...sabi nila kung gusto niya mag arobite siya dito at sa september siya ma register..puwede ba yon? at isa pa po..sept. 14 mag end released paper niya at august 19 mag end 4 years niya.. kung pwede po pa daw ma register after august 19? sorry po parang pa ulit ulit ang sinasabi ko.. thanks po at mabuhay po kayo!!!!


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Re: In behalf..

Post by zack on Fri Jul 09, 2010 7:02 am


Good Day!

After your friend has acquired his release paper at the end of his 4th year here in korea, He has a maximum of 3 months to find a new employer and have him registered at a labor office. So if , for example, he has been released August 19, 2010, he has until Nover 19, 2010 to find a new employer and get registered.

As a piece of advice, if your Sajangnim can assure you that your friend will surely be hired and registered by september, He should probably wait for that day and avoid working part-time/casual job/s (areubaiteu). (Knock on wood) Problems while working part-time may arise such as accidents, and not being a registered worker of your company may result into denial of compensation, health care etc.

Since September is just a month(more or less) from August 19, tell him to enjoy his vacation (Summer vacation) but try to get registered before Chuseok (September 21-23, Korean Thanksgiving). It might be possible for him to receive some Holiday bonus/es hehehe.

Hope this helps!
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