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industrial accident insurance

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industrial accident insurance

Post by jrtorres on Sat Nov 21, 2009 9:31 pm

Benefits of the IACI Industrial accident compensation insurance
IACI benefits are awarded to an employee or his surviving family in cases of his injury, sickness, disability or death arising out of or in the course of his employment with a business or workplace which is covered under the IACI, in order to help the employee safely return to work and guarantee a certain level of income for his family during his recovery or after his death.

Types of IACI Benefits
- Medical Care Benefits : In case of work-related injury or disease for 4 days or longer, the whole medical care expenses within National Health Insurance's coverage of medical examination will be covered
- Temporary Disability Benefits : The amount equivalent to 70% of the average daily wage for each day of work will be given
- Injury-disease compensation Annuity : Benefits at a high rate for an insured employee who has not recovered from his work-related injury or sickness even after 2 years of medical treatment and suffered from the disability of Grade 1~3 will be paid
- Permanent Disability Benefits: For an employee whose work-related injury or disease has resulted in physical or mental impairment even after he has recovered from the injury or disease, it will be awarded according to the extent of disability
- Nursing Benefits : For an employee who, owing to work-related injury or sickness, medically requires a constant or occasional nursing and actually receives nursing services, even though he has recovered from the injury or sickness
- Survivors Benefits : For the surviving dependent(s) of an employee who dies or is presumed dead due to a work-related reason, it will be granted in order to guarantee a decent living for his surviving family
- Funeral Expenses : The actual costs incurred for funeral service in case of an insured employee's death from a work-related cause.
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