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about release po

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about release po

Post by epskorea on Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:58 pm

sir tanong ko lng po ulit don s mga nakabalik ulit or nakahanap ng nag re entry n amo s kanila...pero nong dumating eh pa release agad..pero nakahanap ulit ng bagong amo..bale ilan pa po ang release n dapat sundin po..di po ba hanggang 3 lng? now n nakahanap ako at may balak ulit pa release ilan nalng natitira non? kc sabi ng migrant bale kahit n naka 2 or 3 k n release before at now n nakahanap ng mag re entry n bago amo at pa release ka eh may 3 k ulit so yong dati n release mo eh mawawalang saysay n at panibago ulit n release at yon ay 3 release k p in case n lilipat ka..


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Re: about release po

Post by mikEL on Sun Apr 26, 2009 1:13 am

ang alam q

3 nga po uli

3 relis
4 na amo

new contract u na kazee yan
kaya back to 0 ka uli

parang aq...

nung una
naubos q ung 3 relis q
pero ngayon
pde na uli aq parelis f ever

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Primero Baranggay Councilor

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Re: about release po

Post by dave on Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:26 am

tama po si kabayang mikEL... after you were rehired, you already have new working visa for 3-years... so, you're entitled for another 3 times releases or change of workplace...

but take note, if yung lahat na release mo were caused solely due to reasons, such as suspension or close of business, cancellation of or restrictions on employment permit and injuries or due to grounds solely accountable to the employer, you may be allowed to change workplace up to total of four times...

thank you...

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FEWA - Administrative Adviser

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Re: about release po

Post by Sponsored content

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