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Answer to Sir Emart question about Toejigeum Tax Deduction...

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Answer to Sir Emart question about Toejigeum Tax Deduction...

Post by dave on Fri Jan 23, 2009 2:27 pm

Misterdj, are you sure na wala tax yung toejigeum? Kasi dito sa amin ay may tax yung mga toejigeum ng mga kasama ko.

One time, nag search din ako sa internet and I found out the computation of severance pay from Korea as follow:

The formula is :

Severance pay = (((3months salary average x Years of Service )- 600,000 ) - 9%) + 600,000

600,000 is not taxable.

Can you verify this? And can you confirm na talaga wala tax ang severance pay.

Thank you
sir emart,

sensya na po if medyo natagalan po tayo sa kaka-research ng tamang computation about our Toejigeum Tax Deduction... Here is my answer based on the confirmation I got from the NTS office... Please click HERE for my detailed explanation...

I hope my explanation is understandable... Thank you.... Very Happy
FEWA - Administrative Adviser
FEWA - Administrative Adviser

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